How To: Take Spinning Video Footage from Above with a Ceiling Fan & Phone

Take Spinning Video Footage from Above with a Ceiling Fan & Phone

This is a simple process for those wanting to capture a circular view of an object with their smartphone or other type of camera.

Warning: The centrifugal force can be quite high at the end of a ceiling fan blade. The mount I'm using is very secure (it took a while for me to remove it). However, phones/cameras are expensive, so use this at your own risk.

Step 1: Materials

  • Smartphone
  • Ceiling fan
  • Phone car mount (iOttie Easy Flex Car Mount Holder shown)
  • Counter balance (clips, coins, etc.)

Step 2: Mount on Fan Blade

Place the phone holder and phone on the outer portion of one of the fan blades.

Step 3: Add Counter-Balances

Add counter-balance to the opposite blades. I used coins and clothespins.

Step 4: Shooting the Footage

  1. Set ceiling fan to lowest speed.
  2. Turn video on.
  3. Switch fan on and off quickly.
  4. Repeat switching process until the proper speed is obtained.

Step 5: Example Footage

Here's what the end result will look like.

More details can be found on my Instructables page.

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