How To: Take apart your G1 HTC T-Mobile phone for repair

Take apart your G1 HTC T-Mobile phone for repair

In this video we learn how to disassemble a T-Mobile G1 HTC phone for repair. First you want to make sure to wear an ESD wrist strap and make sure it's secure around your wrist. Then remove the battery from the device. Next unfasten the screws from the back of the housing on the G1. Then separate the housing from the device and then the speaker from the housing. Next unplug the UMTS cable and the GPS coaxial cable. Then remove the UMTS board and GPS boards from the device. Then disconnect the QWERTY keyboard from the device. Then separate the main device from the board. Once you have done that you should have access to most of the phone for repair. By following these simple steps you can easily access your T-Mobile G1 for repair.

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