How To: Start Shooting a New TikTok in a Split Second with This Trick

Start Shooting a New TikTok in a Split Second with This Trick

If you have a great idea for a TikTok, you probably need to take your time to execute it perfectly. But what if something crazy and unexpected is happening in front of you, perfect for an impromptu video? You don't want to miss the action, but getting all the way to TikTok's camera might take too long — that is, if you don't know this trick.

On either iOS or Android, long-press the TikTok app on your home screen (you can do this with 3D Touch as well on compatible iPhones). Now, simply select "Start shooting" (iOS) or "Shooting" (Android) from the popup menu, and TikTok will immediately launch the camera, bypassing your feed, profile, or any other TikTok window you might have open.

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Cover image, screenshot, and GIF by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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