How To: Spy on any iPhone anywhere

Spy on any iPhone anywhere

Kevin shows the different features and options with the program ownspy, which is through OwnSpy and is capable of tracking through phone a persons location as well as texts and phone calls. He first logs in and the first screen that opens is the tracking screen where you can sync how often the program will update the persons location. The second tab is SMS, which will show you all texts and conversations as well as the length, date, and time. The third tab lists all the persons contacts. The 4th tab is the phone tab and lists all conversations and missed calls. The 5th tab is for photos, which can be enlarged by clicking on them. The last tab lists recently used applications. Kevin then explains how to use the settings to sync the program, change your password, or change the time. He then explains the different pricing packages and features that are available with each one.

Just updated your iPhone? You'll find new features for Podcasts, News, Books, and TV, as well as important security improvements and fresh wallpapers. Find out what's new and changed on your iPhone with the iOS 17.5 update.


Here are some examples of what you can spy:
1.Track location
2.Read SMS
3.See Call History
4.Track Web History
5.100% invisible
How can you do that? OmegaSpy is a solution for you. Simply install OmegaSpy on the phone you want to monitor and software is ready to begin secretly recording all events. You manage and view them over the Internet anywhere on the world. It's absolute precision 100%, low cost, high effective.

from where can i buy this software How to spy on iphone

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