How To: Send a text message

Send a text message

So you don't need to have a full on conversation but you do want to relay some information to someone. A text message the perfect option to get a short message across using your cell phone or even just to say hi.

Text messaging makes it easy to communicate with friends and family by typing a short message into your phone.

You Will Need

* Mobile phone
* Knowledge of texting shorthand

Step 1: Find the main menu

Find the main menu on your mobile phone by selecting Menu or Main Menu from the main screen, and then selecting Message.

Some phones have the option to select Message from the main screen.

Step 2: Create new message

Select New Message from the message menu, and then select Text Message if you have other options to choose from.

Step 3: Choose recipient

Choose the recipient of the text message by typing their phone number or choosing their number from your list of contacts. Select Ok if prompted.

Step 4: Type your message

Type your message. Use your full alphabet keypad, if you have one, or use your number keypad, for which you need to press a key once to get the first letter, twice for the second, and three times for the third.

Check your text capabilities. Most phones have a 160-character limit on text messages.

Step 5: Use shorthand

Use shorthand if typing each word is too time-consuming or if you are nearing your character limit. Popular shorthand includes the letter "u" for the word you and the letter "r" for the word are.

Step 6: Send

Hit Send or Ok to send your message when you finish typing it. You'll join the millions of other people who regularly send text messages.

Did you know? In 2008, Americans sent over 1 trillion text messages

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