How To: 'Rick & Morty' Returns This November — Here's How to Catch Up or Rewatch Your Favorites

'Rick & Morty' Returns This November — Here's How to Catch Up or Rewatch Your Favorites

The last third season episode of Rick and Morty aired Oct. 1, 2017. Over a year and a half later, we finally have confirmation that everyone's favorite morally ambiguous, universe-traveling duo will make their return in November. While six months is still quite a wait, you can make it go faster by catching up on some classic episodes.

Whether you're brand new to the show entirely or you want a refresh on the critically acclaimed comedy, it's worth your time to watch Rick and Morty seasons 1–3. We've compiled the best ways for you to do so below, so you can easily pick up your phone and get watching.

1. Watch on Hulu

There's no easier way to watch Rick and Morty on the cheap than to fire up good ol' Hulu, which has every episode available to stream so you can make sure you know every side-splitting and tear-jerking moment before going into Season 4.

Don't have Hulu? You can sign up for a one-month free trial, more than enough time to watch three seasons of cartoons. If you don't finish in time, it will be $5.99 per month for Hulu with ads or $11.99 per month for Hulu without ads. You can also opt to go for the student plan that gets you Hulu, Showtime, and Spotify all for $4.99 per month.

2. Sign into

Rick and Morty is an Adult Swim show, so it makes sense that the series would be available to stream on That's great news for anyone with a cable subscription since you can head over to the show's home page, sign in with your credentials, and binge all episodes free-of-charge (aside from your cable bill).

Unfortunately, if you're a cord-cutter, this will do you no good. Without a valid cable ID, you won't have access to the Rick and Morty episodes on Adult Swim's site. And seeing as traditional cable plans are almost prohibitively expensive, you'd be much better off signing up for Hulu if you're looking to watch some Rick and Morty adventures.

3. Buy 'Rick & Morty' on Your Favorite Platform

Not everyone's into streaming. We get it. That's why buying shows still exists, for those of us who enjoy owning our content. Rick and Morty is available from outlets like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Vudu, so no matter your preferred phone or platform, you can find a seller that works for you.

Just make sure to brush up on each outlet and its compatibility with your smartphone. For example, if on Android, you aren't going to want to buy Rick and Morty from iTunes, but iOS user can feel free to buy from either outlet. Check out the guide below to compare options, so your Rick and Morty purchase fits your needs.

4. Pick the Best Phone for Binging 'Rick & Morty'

If you're not in the market for a new phone, this step might not be an option for you. However, six months is a long time. Whether or not you need a new iPhone or Android device now, you might find yourself looking sometime before November.

Why not pick a phone with the best aptitude for binging TV then? That way, you can maximize your Rick and Morty enjoyment before the new season airs. Check out our guide for help with your next big phone purchase.

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