How To: This Predictive Text App Is So Accurate You Don't Even Need to Look at Your Phone to Type

This Predictive Text App Is So Accurate You Don't Even Need to Look at Your Phone to Type

Who doesn't hate Auto Correct? There's nothing worse than hitting 'Send' only to realize that your phone betrayed you by changing a word so that your message doesn't even mean the same thing anymore—especially when it's going to someone like your boss or parents.

A new app called Fleksy wants to get rid of that problem by being so accurate at predicting text that you don't even need to look at your phone to type. That may be bad for sites like Damn You Auto Correct, but for the rest of us, it sounds pretty great.

Fleksy is an auto correct system that uses a QWERTY keyboard layout and can "automatically detect the text you meant to enter—even if you have missed every single key." The system has been tested by blind and visually-impaired people to allow them to text just as easily—if not easier—than people with 20/20 vision.

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What makes Fleksy better than most auto correct systems is that rather than starting from previous research done on other platforms like Microsoft Word, the developers started from scratch.

Fleksy determines what you're trying to say based on the pattern of where you're touching the screen, not which buttons you're pressing. That means if you're a few pixels off (or just have big thumbs), you'll still end up typing what you meant to type.

The app is currently available for iOS and Android users can sign up to be part of the beta testing. It's free to download, and an in-app upgrade for $4.99 adds the ability to copy-paste to and from other apps and email/post to social media directly from Fleksy. Unfortunately, due to Apple's restrictions, the iOS app won't replace your current keyboard, but hopefully they will allow it to integrate in the future.

Will you give Fleksy a try? Be sure to let us know how it works in the comments below.

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