How To: Operate the Samsung i730 mobile phone

Operate the Samsung i730 mobile phone

Check out this interactive video tutorial from Verizon Wireless on the Samsung i730 mobile phone. If you have just purchases this sleek cell phone, here's your chance to learn everything you can possibly know about it.

The versatile Samsung i730 is the ultimate multitasker. It comes loaded with Wireless Sync so you can send and receive email directly from your i730.

The Pocket PC combines a top-of-the-line wireless phone with Microsoft Windows applications and slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Create or modify documents and spreadsheets with the Pocket Word and Pocket Excel or play video and audio files with Microsoft Windows Media Player for Pocket PC. With Pocket Outlook, you can view your email, tasks, calendar and contacts. Plus, the Samsung i730 is Bluetooth hands-free compatible.

See how to get started, use ActiveSync, make and receive calls, use speed dial numbers, use call timers, change your ringers and tones, customize your display, setup and use voicemail, use input methods, use text messaging, use Pocket Internet Explorer, use MSN Messenger, Setup Bluetooth, Use the SD I/O expansion slot, learn about infrared data beaming, use voice command and voice note services, use Windows Media Player, and use the personal organizer.

Operate the Samsung i730 mobile phone

Operate the Samsung i730 mobile phone Click through to watch this video on

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