How To: Operate the Blackberry 8330

Operate the Blackberry 8330

Learn how to operate the latest Blackberry 8330 in simple steps. Follow the steps below to overview the Blackberry 8330: 1. First switch on your Blackberry by pressing the power button on its top. 2. Use the 'Trackball' to navigate around the menu options and press it to select an option. 3. The 'Send' can be used to call a contact, the 'Menu' key opens a list of options, then the 'Escape' key is used to end an application and the 'End' key is used to end a call. 4. You can find on the left side of your Blackberry the Headset jack used to connect your headset and; the USB port used to charge your battery and connect to your PC. 5. On the other side you can find the Volume control and on its back you can find the battery and memory card.

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