How To: Move apps on the homescreen of your Apple iPhone

Move apps on the homescreen of your Apple iPhone

Are your favorite applications hidden in the last page of you iPhone's menu? Well, you can easily move them around, customizing them to however you want them. So how do you manage the homescreen? Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to move apps on the homescreen of your Apple iPhone.

Moses Blue: "I'm Moses Blue, Best Buy Mobile, Charlotte, North Carolina. Here's a quick tip on how to manage apps on your iPhone. Hold down on one of your apps until the apps start shaking. Once the apps start shaking, move your apps around to get to the next screen. Just hold your app, move it over to the right, or to the left, let it go, app gets on there. Press the home key and voila, we just moved apps. That's tips and tricks on how to move apps on your iPhone."

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