How To: Make free ringtones for a non-jailbroken iPhone 3G

Make free ringtones for a non-jailbroken iPhone 3G

gjtfreak demonstrates a new free tip for the iPhone 3G on how to get free ringtones on a Windows Vista environment in this video. Firstly go into the start menu open control panel option and from that open folder option. Click on view and find a box that says hide extensions for known file types and unclick that box click apply and then OK. Secondly open up iTunes and pick the song you want to use and go into the preferences column at the top left of the iTunes window. Make sure that the ringtones box is checked off then go to import settings in that select AAC encoder and click OK and again OK. now go back to iTunes go to your song and select get info, now from the options tab choose the start and stop time. then again go to song right click on that and create AAC version and iTunes will do that for you. once it is done the new ringtone will pop up in that list. Now minimize iTunes and go into your music folder and find the song and rename the last part on the song from M4A to M4I and it becomes a ringtone. Now again go to your iTunes and in the ring tone tab find your ringtone , if it is not there check the box in the preferences menu and restart it, it should be there the next time. you can also drag and drop the song from your folder.

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