How To: Jailbreak an iPhone and iPod Touch

Jailbreak an iPhone and iPod Touch

iPhone arena teaches viewers how to Jailbreak and iPhone or iPod touch using REDSN0W. This will work for both Mac and PC. First, you need to download is your device firmware file. Make sure it is 3.0 and restore you iPhone next. Now download the Redsn0w pack and launch it. Now, open Redsn0w and browse for the 3.0 firmware. Now, click next and there will be a bootloader file and browse for the file so you can unlock your device. Now, turn off your device and slide to power off. Now click next, and hold the top bottom and top button for 10 seconds and put your device into DFU mode, follow the steps on redsn0w. Keep retrying if it does not work. Now, your device has to process the jailbreak. This can take a few minutes to reboot. Now you will have Cydia and your device is jailbroken!

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