How To: Get the Most Out of Your iPhone Battery

Get the Most Out of Your iPhone Battery

The introduction of smartphones has been what some may see as a step backwards in technology regarding batteries. The first cell phone that I had would last 3-4 days on a single charge; however, the lack of functions minimized the use that is saw.

The iPhone's feature-rich platform and outstanding display allow a full charge to last no longer than 2 days for the average user. Here are a few things you can do to help your iPhone charge last a little longer.

Step 1: Turn Off Battery Percentage

One of the options that is available under Setting>General>Usage is Battery Percentage with and on/off toggle.

While having this feature on or off will not affect the depletion of your battery in any way, it will allow you to worry about it less. This is more of a physiological approach to extending the life of your battery. The less specific information that you have about its state, the more likely you are to think positively about it.

Even once you receive the first 20% battery low warning, there is still plenty of time to locate a charger and perhaps even finish out the day.

Step 2: Wi-Fi

This may seem counterintuitive, but keep Wi-Fi turned on. In terms of downloading and processing data, Wi-Fi is much lighter on your battery than the cellular network (will also save you data charges). Logging on to all available Wi-Fi hot-spot where you frequent will put you battery at ease.

Also, the iPhone core programming has been set up to only "ping" for a Wi-Fi network when data streaming is required (unlike other devices that are continually searching, draining the battery).

Step 3: Bluetooth

This one can be tricky. If you use bluetooth devices on a regular basis, the setting will need to be "on". To save battery life, switch it to "off" as often as you can. If you do not use bluetooth, leave this setting "off".

Unlike Wi-Fi, bluetooth will continually search, shortening your battery life.

Step 4: Brightness

For optimal battery life and user-friendliness, a setting of about 50% with auto brightness turned "on" will give you re best results.

Step 5: Push Notification

Keeping push notifications to a minimum (or off altogether) will greatly increase the life of your battery. Apps like Mail, Facebook, and Twitter will ping their servers looking for new data costing valuable battery loss.

The Ultimate Battery Saver

There is one way to extend the life of your battery much longer than you would be used to. By turning "Airplane mode" "on" all the wireless signals are stop sending and receiving data. With the hardware doing very little, the life of your device will be extended.

Please note: in airplane mode you will be unable to send or receive phone calls.

Battery Care

Lithium ion batteries boast excellent life, both while in use and in the cycles that they provide. There are a couple of things that you can do to keep your battery happy.

Step 6: 100%

The lithium ion battery likes to be charged. Keeping them on a charger at all times will not damage them. Charging as often as you can to full charge will make the most of the cycles that are available in your battery.

Step 7: Storage

If you device is going into storage for an extended period of time (more than a few hours) the battery will remain happiest if it is powered down with a 50% charge.

What tips and tricks have you found to extend your iPhone's battery life?

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Photo by Johan Larsson

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