How To: Fix a stuck Blackberry trackball with no tools

Fix a stuck Blackberry trackball with no tools

The trackball on your Blackberry is your only way of navigating much of the phone, so having it work is pretty important. If yours has gotten stuck, don't panic, just watch this video and see if the easy fix depicted therein will work for you.

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Thanks Pal that was great. The local BB service agent declined to help but your video was a like a bolt from the moon! fabulous.

I was ready to throw my phone out of my car window at 70 mph. Thank you for saving it (and me) a lot of pain. You are a genious.

You are just awesome. the track ball sprang back to life by this crazy yet amazing trick. Works remarkably. Thank you a hundred times

hey man i was worried sick abt my bb9000. i have two of them and both was giving...problems...i watch numerous other videos to make the tracball worked but all was too risky........i tried urs and under a minute my trackball is all good......thanks pal.....people out there this is the safest and reliable way to fix a stuck trackball.....try it....

hey man i cant stop thanking overjoyed>lolzz

Man! you're a saviour. You have earned my all respects. I salute you. You've just saved a BB life and charges too. Thank you and thanks a lot.

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