How To: Fix broken front glass on an iPhone

Fix broken front glass on an iPhone

In this how to video, you will learn how to replace a broken iPhone screen. This screen is called a front panel. First, turn off the iPhone. Open the repair kit and look up the instructions. First, remove the screws at the bottom. Next, use a suction cup and pull the front assembly upwards to remove it. Do this carefully and then remove the connectors. Next, remove the screws on the metal plate assembly. Turn the display over and peel the black tape off. Next, insert the metal tool and put it inbetween the edge of the assembly. You should be able to slide off the lcd screen. Do not touch it directly. Next, use a blow dryer or heat gun and use it on the top left of the cover to remove the front panel. Apply the stickers on to the left over frame. Take the new glass and place it on top. Replace the LCD screen and then follow the instructions in reverse to re-assemble it. You have now replaced the broken screen.

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