How To: Find Out How Much YouTube You Watch

Find Out How Much YouTube You Watch

Did you know that the YouTube app can tell you how much time you've spent watching videos? If you're like me, you'll be surprised to know exactly how much of your life is spent inside the popular app. You can get a specific breakdown of how much you YouTube you consume.

The average person spends nearly four hours a day watching TV, nearly three hours daily using their cell phone, and collectively, we watch over a billion hours of YouTube a day. You can find out how much you contribute to the billion hours by checking on your iPhone or Android device.

Finding Out How Much YouTube You Have Watched

Open the YouTube app (Android | iOS), then press your profile icon on the top-right of the home screen (which may also be your first initial inside a circle). On the "Account" screen, press the "Time Watched" button. Now, you will get a breakdown of the amount of time you have watched YouTube.

There are a couple caveats here. First, if you don't have YouTube watch history enabled, you won't get any information. And unfortunately, long term YouTube watching data is not provided — it will only show the last week of data. You could extrapolate the time watched by multiplying the weekly value.

The data is based on your watch history across both YouTube and YouTube TV, so if you subscribe to Google's streaming cable service, you'll have a higher number here. If you watch something in incognito mode, if you delete something from your watched history, or if you watch something on another account, it will not be counted towards your watched time.

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