How To: Edit iPhone or iPod system strings using Winterboard

Edit iPhone or iPod system strings using Winterboard

In this video from George3694 of TheiPhonePress he explains how to edit your iPhone or iPod system strings using Winterboard. First you download the system strings folder from the link provided in the comments section. Then click all the way into SpringBoard.strings. Once in there you change the original strings to the ones you like. So for instance you can change "slide to unlock" to "slide to unleash" on your iPhone. After you change it you can close and save it. Then you launch your SSH program such as cyberduck. Then you drag your system strings folder into /Library/Themes/. Then you can go out of the SSH program once it's uploaded. Then go to your iPhone and launch winterboard and you'll see system strings. Tap that, then home and it will start re-stringing. A viewer of this video will learn how to simply change their system strings in just a few steps!

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