How To: Dial phone numbers (with letters) on a Blackberry

Dial phone numbers (with letters) on a Blackberry

A lot of phone numbers these days use letters so that you can remember them easier. For example, 1 800 BEST BUY or 1 800 FLOWERS. On a normal touchtone telephone, you would associate these letters with numbers on your keypad. With a Blackberry, however, this poses a problem. Blackberries do not have the traditional letters above the numbers.. so how are you supposed to dial?
It is actually quite simple. When you are dialing a number like this on your Blackberry device, you simple dial 1-8-0-0 (like normal) then hit the "Alt" button on your keyboard and hit your "ABC" button. This will allow you to type letters instead of numbers. Then, dial the actual letters in the phone number. For example, dial B-E-S-T-B-U-Y and the phone will automatically decipher the numbers the letters are meant to represent. Press the green button and you are dialing!

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