How To: Control Your Android Phone via Your Computer for Easier Multitasking

Control Your Android Phone via Your Computer for Easier Multitasking

In our society, multitasking is an obsession. Whether it's driving while using your phone (DON'T DO IT) or drinking a cup of coffee while typing up some work, we multitask at every turn of the day. People that work all day in front of a computer are especially prone to multitasking, and that's why XDA-Developers member Floyd1973 has developed a way to control any Android phone while connected via USB to a Windows or Linux PC.

Android Remote Phone Tools

With this new application, you can:

  • See battery status (icon and percentage)
  • See airplane mode with possibility to switch on/off
  • See all contacts stored
  • See different number from same contact
  • Manual update of loaded contacts
  • See all threads message
  • See all message from a number
  • Manual update of loaded threads
  • Contact search function (name and number)
  • Thread search function (name, number and content of last message)
  • Send new message to existing thread number
  • Send new message to contact number
  • Send new message to new number
  • Play ring on notification (default or chosen by user)
  • Stop ring at fixed number of seconds
  • Show balloon notification for events with different level chosen by user


This app can be especially beneficial for those that work long days in front of the computer because it allows for easy maneuverability without having to touch the phone once. The phone will charge the entire time of use and none of the information will be saved onto the computer (for those with privacy issues). You can do most everything you need to do on your Android without your boss even noticing. You're welcome. Here's the link to download the app.

It's still in development, so there will be some bugs, but Floyd1873 is working on stabilizing the app and eventually adding Mac support (though you can probably get by with using Terminal). If you're in a rush and need a stable way to manage your Android phone your computer, there's always AirDroid, except it can drain your battery, since it uses Wi-Fi instead of a direct connection.

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Photo by Johan Larsson

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