How To: Chrome's Menu Has a Quick Gesture You Should Know About

Chrome's Menu Has a Quick Gesture You Should Know About

Many new phones are moving to navigation gestures from the physical buttons of the past. The idea is to maximize screen space as much as possible while still being intuitive. Something cool you should know about, Chrome for iPhone and Android has a neat little trick that pairs quite nicely with these new gestures.

Instead of tapping the three-dot menu button in any tab to bring up Chrome's options, tap and swipe down if you're on Android, or tap, pause, and swipe up if you're on iPhone. From that point, you can drag your finger over an item in the menu, then release to confirm your choice.

Usually, you would tap the menu, lift your finger, then tap the item on the list to confirm it. Using this quick gesture on Chrome gives you a faster and more seamless experience without having to lift a finger.

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Cover image and screenshots by Stephen Perkins/Gadget Hacks

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Every app has this, it's an OS feature. Stop writing nonsense.

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