How To: Beat Angry Birds Seasons... One Day at a Time (25 Days of Christmas)

Beat Angry Birds Seasons... One Day at a Time (25 Days of Christmas)

It's December 11th.  Only 14 days left until Christmas.  But today is something more than just a countdown date for the quintessential holiday—it's Angry Birds Day, which marks the one-year anniversary of the popular mobile video game.

How to Beat Angry Birds Seasons... One Day at a Time (25 Days of Christmas)

Today, Angry Birds fans around the world will be celebrating, thanks to a little incentive from Angry Birds creator Rovio Mobile.  On the Angry Birds Blog, they state that the "designers at Rovio studios will recreate the 10 most active cities that participate in celebrating Angry Birds Day!"

How to Beat Angry Birds Seasons... One Day at a Time (25 Days of Christmas)

To get your city featured in the popular puzzle game, you need to visit the Angry Birds Flash Mob Meetup, create (or join) a local meetup in your area, then invite all your friends to join in on the fun!

How to Beat Angry Birds Seasons... One Day at a Time (25 Days of Christmas)"Raise your voice to STOP THE MADNESS, and send us photos and video from your event!"

After the day is finishes, the Angry Birds Team will select the 10 most "crowded, loudest, creative, and fun Angry Birds Day locations from around the world" for which they will recreate in an upcoming Angry Birds experience.

Check out the Angry Birds Blog for updates on the current strongest contenders to win!

Since its release last December, Angry Birds has been a constant hit on the iTunes App Store.  First available for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, the gameplay involves slingshotting birds at pigs stationed on various structures, with the intent of destroying all of the swine on the battlefield.  Though the concept seems simple, it's completely and utterly addicting.

With the popularity of Angry Birds on the iPhone and iPod Touch, it then moved onto the iPad and other mobile devices, such as Android and Nokia smartphones.  And now it even has a holiday version of the game— Angry Birds Seasons.

How to Beat Angry Birds Seasons... One Day at a Time (25 Days of Christmas)

Angry Birds Seasons is what everyone wants for Christmas.  In the game, you countdown the 25 days of Christmas with a new level to play each day.  Instead of shooting pigs though, you're shooting presents as you frolic the fun new levels of the snow-filled winter wonderland.

PS: There's also a Halloween version of Angry Birds!

How to Beat Angry Birds Seasons... One Day at a Time (25 Days of Christmas)

The new Angry Birds Seasons has taken over iTunes, only coming in second to the regular Angry Birds application.  This week's top paid iPhone game titles on the App Store, as captured on today, December 11th 2010, are as follows:

1. Angry Birds ($0.99)
2. Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99)
3. Infinity Blade ($5.99)
4. Cut the Rope ($0.99)
5. 360 Panorama ($0.99)
6. Talking Santa for iPhone ($1.99)
7. Hipstamatic ($0.99)
8. Fruit Ninja ($0.99)
9. Gravity Gun ($0.99)
10. Doodle Jump ($0.99)


To help you get through these 25 days of Christmas on Angry Birds Seasons, YouTube user 23hathman is making a walkthrough of each level of play, each day it's released.  Watch all of the videos below, and stay tuned for the newest levels as they come out!

Step 1 December 1st — Level 1, Day 1 — 3 Stars

Step 2 December 2nd — Level 1, Day 2 — 3 Stars

Step 3 December 3rd — Level 1, Day 3 — 3 Stars

Step 4 December 4th — Level 1, Day 4 — 3 Stars

Step 5 December 5th — Level 1, Day 5 — 3 Stars

Step 6 December 6th — Level 1, Day 6 — 3 Stars

Step 7 December 7th — Level 1, Day 7 — 3 Stars

Step 8 December 8th — Level 1, Day 8 — 3 Stars

Step 9 December 9th — Level 1, Day 9 — 3 Stars

Step 10 December 10th — Level 1, Day 10 — 3 Stars

Step 11 December 11th — Level 1, Day 11 — 3 Stars

Step 12 December 12th — Level 1, Day 12 — 3 Stars

Step 13 December 13th — Level 1, Day 13 — 3 Stars

Gold Egg Star Walkthrough

Step 14 December 14th — Level 1, Day 14 — 3 Stars

Step 15 December 15th — Level 1, Day 15 — 3 Stars

Step 16 December 16th — Level 1, Day 16 — 3 Stars

Step 17 December 17th — Level 1, Day 17 — 3 Stars

Step 18 December 18th — Level 1, Day 18 — 3 Stars

Step 19 December 19th — Level 1, Day 19 — 3 Stars

Step 20 December 20th — Level 1, Day 20 — 3 Stars

Step 21 December 21st — Level 1, Day 21 — 3 Stars

Step 22 December 22nd — Level 1, Day 22 — 3 Stars

Step 23 December 23rd — Level 1, Day 23 — 3 Stars

Beat level 23 of Angry Birds Seasons with three stars

Step 24 December 24th — Level 1, Day 24 — 3 Stars

Beat level 24 of Angry Birds Seasons with three stars

Step 25 December 25th — Level 1, Day 25 — 3 Stars

Beat level 25 of Angry Birds Seasons with three stars

Golden Egg Star Walkthrough

References: Rovio, Wikipedia

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