News: You Can No Longer Automatically Backup Photos to Google Photos While Charging

You Can No Longer Automatically Backup Photos to Google Photos While Charging

Well, get ready to have your battery depleted if you use Google Photos. The backup app has just removed the "Backup While Charging" feature in their app.

The feature was found in the settings menu and it was one of the best features that Google Photos had. It allowed you to only backup images while your phone was on the charger in order to keep it from sucking the life out of your battery throughout the day.

This was something Google was proud of, as it should have been. Having an app that's constantly syncing and storing your photos throughout the day is helpful, but requires a good amount of power. Your only backup options now are whether you want it to automatically backup using data or as soon as you connect to any WiFi, neither of which are great options for conserving battery life.

So yeah, people are pissed. Users have taken to forums to let Google know just how much they appreciate their update.

Images by PatQQ/Google Photos Forum, Brandon McEwen/Google Photos Forum, Dorian Lust/Google Photos Forum

The question remains, if this was one of the features that users loved most, why remove it?

Some people who were desperately trying to convince themselves that this had to be a mistake concluded that the update had likely just glitched. Google shut that down by saying the update is 'working as intended'. Which is a nice way of saying 'shut up we meant to do this'. Other than that, they said nothing about why they've decided to kill one of their best features.

Although, as Android Authority points out, it's likely because Google thinks that they're smart enough to determine the most efficient time to backup photos. Still, it was nice to be able to determine how and when it happened for ourselves.

This update has affected both iOS and Android users, but some users still claim to have the 'backup while charging' option, despite having the latest version of Google Photos. If you're one of those few, consider yourself lucky but don't get too comfortable, Google will likely get around to taking it from you too.

In the meantime, if you're protesting Google and would like an alternative photo storing app, check out Shoebox. It doesn't have the same "backup while charging option" that Google did, but it does let you choose when your photos get backed up and issues a warning to plug your phone in as the syncing takes up battery. It's available on iOS and Google Play.

Images by Juliet Gallagher/Gadget Hacks

Hopefully, Google will release a statement soon about their reasoning behind this seemingly illogical decision. If you're as angry as we are about this, sound off in the comments and make sure you let Google know just how badly you feel they messed up. Visit the official Google Photos page and click the Menu button at the top left corner of the screen. Then select "Send feedback" and tell them exactly how you feel about this new update.

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