News: Spotify Brings Popular Playlist to Life with Concert Tour

Spotify Brings Popular Playlist to Life with Concert Tour

Your favorite music-streaming app is taking artists from its popular RapCaviar playlist on tour to five major US cities. That's right, put down your smartphones and pick up your credit card because these tickets are going to sell fast.

The tour — called RapCaviar Live — features artists from the extremely popular RapCaviar playlist. With over seven million followers, the playlist features songs from the hottest hip hop and rap stars like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Travis Scott. While the list of the artists who will perform hasn't been announced yet, a simple scroll through the playlist is enough to hint at who fans will be able to see.

If Aminé or SZA are there, Spotify you can take my money. Take it all.

The tour kicks off in Atlanta with Mr. Guwop himself, Gucci Mane. The Head of Hip-Hop at Spotify — Tuma Basa — spoke excitedly about Gucci Mane opening the tour in a press release put out by Spotify today.

Proud to partner with Gucci Mane on this incarnation of the RapCaviar vibe. Gucci was an early believer in what we are doing and it's gonna be beautiful to see it manifest live. Taking RapCaviar on the road was just a dream for us a few years ago. This is an important milestone for Spotify, for RapCaviar, and for hip-hop in the streaming age.

Gucci will be joined in Atlanta by special guests, including Mike WiLL Made it. The tour will then move to Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York. More tour dates are expected to be added soon.

Spotify has never done anything like this before, but it's not that surprising. If you think about it, concerts are just Spotify playlists in real life. (That might be the most millennial thing I've ever said.)

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