News: Someone's Selling a Putin-Trump Nokia 3310 & I'm Confused Too

Someone's Selling a Putin-Trump Nokia 3310 & I'm Confused Too

Russian phone customizer Caviar — you might have heard of the blinged-out iPhone 6s Pokemon GO phone they released a few months back — is taking on international relations with their newest product.

To commemorate the G20 summit currently ongoing in Hamburg, Germany, Caviar is releasing the Putin-Trump Summit Nokia 3310.

Described as a luxury phone, it has a titanium body embellished with a Damascus Steel pattern. Although impressive and a major upgrade from the Nokia 3310's pretty plain appearance, this metal exterior is not the most eye-catching feature on the phone. No, not even close.

On the back of the phone, Caviar incorporated a gold-plated emblem of Trump and Putin's profiles.

Image via Caviar

Yep, it's as ridiculous as it sounds. This is definitely not an ordinary Nokia.

Caviar explains the design on its website, stating that the leaders' profiles are facing the same way to symbolize their common desire for improved US-Russian relations. While this detail relays a positive message, note that both profiles are facing left. The inclusion of this detail is meant to draw upon the typical manner in which profiles of communist leaders have been displayed in the past. This devious design is a very sneaky move on Caviar's part.

Caviar also explains that the hardened titanium possesses an important meaning. According to the designer, its presence on the phone represents "the hardness necessary for the protection of justice and the interests of their country." It's clear this Nokia 3310 is brimming with symbolism, although I'm not quite sure consumers will appreciate it.

I'm no expert, but I'm not sure there's a market for luxury Nokia 3310s with US-Russian political embellishments. Just a thought.

An ordinary Nokia 3310 will run you around $50 these days, but this glamorous phone costs $2,500. It's advertised as a luxury phone, but Caviar's decision to deck-out a Nokia 3310 is surprising considering it's not one of the most high-tech, costly phones on the market. It's possible they wanted to use it because it's indestructible. Who knows, maybe there's some symbolism in that.

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Cover photo via Washington Post/YouTube
Screenshots by Sarah Tseggay/Gadget Hacks

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