Prime Users: Get Up to $80 Off Nokia, Alcatel & Moto Phones

Get Up to $80 Off Nokia, Alcatel & Moto Phones

Honestly, this deal is pretty sweet.

As of today, Amazon has added five new devices to their "Prime Exclusive Phones" program. The program allows Prime users to buy midrange handsets unlocked at a discount that goes up to $80.

Of course, there's a little catch. Users who buy these phones agree to Amazon having the ability to preinstall Amazon apps and show ads on the phone's lock screen. The apps that get preinstalled can be removed from your home screen, but will still be downloaded onto the phone.

For some, this isn't seen as a big deal, but for others, it is a nuisance that is too much to be worth it.

If you are an Amazon Prime user that's interested, or think you can handle the ads and apps, you're looking at great deals on handsets from Nokia, Moto, and Alcatel.

From Nokia, the new Nokia 6 is going to be available on July 10, but preorders have already begun. It's the largest of the new handsets from Nokia complete with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor, 3 GB of RAM, and a 16 MP rear-facing camera. The phone is to be sold in the US for about $230. With Amazon's exclusive, it would only be sold for $180, saving you $50.

The new Nokia 6 on Amazon. Images by Nokia/Amazon

Additionally, three new Alcatel phones are going to be available. This includes the Alcatel Idol 5S, Alcatel A50, and Alcatel A30 Plus. Each will also be released on July 10, but can be preordered starting right now. The Alcatel Idol 5S will be $200 with Prime which is a whopping $80 discount from its original price. The other two handsets have a $50 discount.

From left to right, the Alcatel Idol 5S, A50, and A30 Plus. Images by Alcatel/Amazon (1, 2, 3)

The highly anticipated Moto E4 will also be available with this discount. It will be available on June 30, this week, and Prime users will receive $30 off, bringing it down to $100. Preorders are already being taken. We'll see if the Moto E4 comes in different colors, as we covered earlier this month, but right now it's just black for the Prime exclusive.

The new Moto E 4th Generation on Amazon. Images by Motorola/Amazon

There are currently 10 phones available. If you're not a Prime member but would like to cash in on this discount, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

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Cover image via Engadget/YouTube

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