News: LG's New Wireless Charger Is Three Times Faster Than Other Wireless Chargers

LG's New Wireless Charger Is Three Times Faster Than Other Wireless Chargers

Innotek, an LG subsidiary, announced today (link is in Korean) that it has developed a 15-watt wireless charging module that can recharge a battery three times faster than other wireless chargers available on the market.

LG Innotek says its new wireless charger is able to charge a fully-depleted battery to 50% in half an hour, and the company plans to begin mass production of the module by the end of the year.

Rough translation from Google: "LG Innotek developed a 15-watt wireless charging transmission module"

This is a huge breakthrough for wireless charging if LG Innotek is able to make it work; It would put wireless chargers on par with most wired chargers. While it's not quite as fast as Qualcomm Quick Charge, or even OCCO's VOOC Flash Charge, it's pretty close.

Unfortunately, the LG Innotek press release fails to mention what size battery was used for testing, so we really can't speak to the truth of their "charge from zero to 50% in 30 minutes" claim. But you'd have to imagine that it was tested on a battery similar in size to the one Qualcomm used for its Quick Charge benchmark (2,750 mAh, similar to the battery in the new Samsung Galaxy S7).

Honestly, between the lack of an English press release, the fact that the LG G5 doesn't support wireless charging, and the homonymity between Innotek and Initech (from Office Space), I was half-convinced this was an elaborate (and awful) April Fool's joke.

Fortunately, the news seems to be legit. Hopefully it won't be too long before we learn some more details about the release of LG Innotek's wireless charging module.

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Thanks, LG.

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