From 0 to 100% in 15 Minutes: The Fastest Phone Charger Ever

The Fastest Phone Charger Ever

Chinese tech company OPPO has been on the cutting edge of smartphone battery charging since it released its VOOC Flash Charge in 2014. Using VOOC, you can charge your battery from 0-75% in 30 minutes.

VOOC Flash Charge can give a dead battery a 75% charge in 30 minutes. Image via OPPO

That sounds pretty good, but OPPO just announced that it's nearly completed research and development on its next generation of quick charger, the Super VOOC Flash Charge.

According to OPPO, Super VOOC can fully charge a dead 2,500 mAh battery in just 15 minutes. If that weren't enough, the low-voltage "pulse" system used to charge batteries isn't affected by other activity on the phone. So, you can still make calls, watch videos—whatever—and the charger won't revert to a slower speed, like some other quick chargers.

So far, VOOC only works on OPPO phones equipped with a VOOC-enabled battery. That's kind of a drag, since OPPO's handsets aren't officially released in the U.S., and it doesn't seem like the company has any plans to license the technology to other manufacturers. OPPO also claims that Super VOOC doesn't damage or overheat a battery, but there's a good chance it'll deteriorate a little faster than normal.

Still, the tech exists, and that's good sign that we're getting closer to the end of dead batteries. Someone just needs to buy these guys up, if for nothing more than their charging tech (looking at you Google).

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Fast charging on my Note5 is good, but not crazy good like that device.

Yea, my Nexus 6P charges up pretty quickly, but again, nothing like this.

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