News: If the Rumors Are True, Amazon Could Be Developing a Messaging App

If the Rumors Are True, Amazon Could Be Developing a Messaging App

Is there anything Amazon doesn't do? Whether it's video streaming, creating a brick-and-mortar bookstore, or even purchasing Whole Foods, you name it, and Amazon's probably doing it — well.

Keeping this in mind, rumors alleging that Amazon is working on a messaging app — called Anytime — aren't that surprising.

Reports of Anytime's existence stem from a survey released by Amazon asking select customers what features they value the most in messaging apps and services. AFTVNews was able to acquire screenshots of the survey, and it seems that Amazon's messaging service could be pretty impressive — if it's real. It's allegedly going to work without requiring phone numbers, function on a desktop or mobile device, have group messaging features, filters for videos and pictures, games, and quite a few more features. The app will even allow users to split bills and order food in-app, which is something even Facebook Messenger's M can't do yet.

This could be a smart direction for Amazon to go in, considering that about 80% of mobile users throughout the world use messaging apps. People are now turning to messaging apps for more than just ways to communicate with friends, but for news updates and to access other apps like Uber and Lyft. People want messaging apps that can do it all, and that's exactly what Anytime appears to offer.

While WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger currently reign supreme, Amazon could make waves in the messaging app world with its new app. The biggest issue Anytime could face is getting people to download it when all of their friends are on other, more popular messaging apps. However, by offering an incentive for downloading the service or incorporating really unique features, Amazon could overcome this hurdle and release a really successful app.

As exciting as this is, we should all remember that it's just speculation for now. Until Amazon officially makes a statement about it, I'm not getting my hopes up, and neither should you. (Buying into those iPhone 8 release date rumors has taught me not to believe the hype about anything until it's official.)

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