News: Facebook's AI-Powered Assistant Just Keeps Getting Better with Latest Update

Facebook's AI-Powered Assistant Just Keeps Getting Better with Latest Update

M — Facebook's AI-powered assistant unveiled to the public in April — is now better than ever. The latest update to M now allows it to provide three more suggestions: a function to save content to view later, birthday wishes, and call initiation.

The newest updates to M mean that the personal assistant can now address your needs better than ever. Previously capable of tasks like suggesting stickers to insert into conversations and helping you call a ride with Uber or Lyft, M is now equipped with more features to improve your conversations with Facebook friends.

The save-it-for-later function allows users to view content shared in a message at a later time.

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Whether it be URLs, Facebook posts, videos, photos, pages, or events, this feature ensures you stay updated on the information shared in a message even if you need to take a break from it.

Now that M also helps you send birthday wishes, even the most forgetful of us will remember to comment on a friend's special day. If you're messaging someone on their birthday, M will suggest you send them a birthday wish in the form of a sticker, wish, card, or video.

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Each of these wishes will feature birthday-themed decorations and visuals, thus making your birthday wish extra special for the recipient. So even if you forget to mail a card, you can at least send a festive message.

The final upgrade to M lets it initiate calls. If the AI-powered assistant detects that someone in the message wants to make a call, it will suggest you video chat or voice call. This suggestion will show up as buttons at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to pick how you'd like to call.

While these new changes to M are impressive, the assistant may face stiff competition from Google's Allo and other assistant-technology. Being part of Facebook Messenger should help it succeed, however, as Messenger continues to be one of the most-used messaging platforms throughout the world.

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