News: Google Search App Takes on Pinterest with Style Guide Feature

Google Search App Takes on Pinterest with Style Guide Feature

We all know Google's Image Search to be our trusty little companion when it comes to browsing through ideas on the web. Now, Google is adding on "style ideas" to its search feature to help you boost your "style IQ" every time Google catches you snooping through new handbags on the market.

In the Google app for Android or on your mobile browser, you'll start to see a number of grid-like, well-dressed people wearing the product you searched for. Google wants to help you pair the item with real-life examples of how to dress with the product. For all us fashion-lovers out there, this could either be a really great tool to incorporate into our lives or a really expensive one.

To use this new feature, just search for something on Goole, like "Zara black shoes," via the search bar on Android or in a web browser. Of course, you'll find hundreds of Google-related images—but just choose one. After you choose one, scroll down past "similar items" to find the grid of "style ideas" to browse through. That's all there is to it. Now go and get lost in the internet maze and see what kind of fun outfit ensemble you can come up with based on Google's new style feature.

Google's style ideas won't only be a plus for users, but for Google, too. Style ideas is going to suggest things for you to buy, which will only add more ad revenue to Google's massive search engine tool.

The new addition is similar to Pinterest's own style image search, which often pairs up items of clothing with information on where to buy it, or simply leads the way to more outfit inspiration. If you've been following all the Facebook copying Snapchat stuff, then this is sort of like Google finding "inspiration" from Pinterest by using the "pinning" website's own style search engine to counter the larger search engine market.

For instance, let's say you are searching for Vince's Bray Leather Loafers. Well, Google is just going to pop right up with a bunch of "style ideas" for you to pair those $295.00 shoes with to make your purchase all the more expensive, but possibly all the more satisfying, too.

But wait, there's more! Google will also have its "similar items" feature where you can peruse away at all those similar leather loafers that the Google blog states will allow you to uncover "a bargain option without sacrificing style . . . right from Image Search." At least there's that, and as Google states, "Image Search may be your best new accessory."

What do you think? You all ready to let Google give you some style tips? Dish it out in the comments below!

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