News: For Virgin Mobile Customers, Twitter Just Became Free-er

For Virgin Mobile Customers, Twitter Just Became Free-er

How can something get more free than free? Well, in the case of Twitter, Virgin Mobile found a way with its newest promotion. If you have a 4G plan with Virgin Mobile, you can now access Twitter from your smartphone without it counting towards your monthly data allowance.

That's right, DM and retweet your heart out without worrying about using up your data. This new Virgin Mobile promotion should make a major difference for its users considering that 328 million people actively use Twitter each month, and that number is only going up. This exciting deal covers nearly all services on Twitter, but, unfortunately, there's just one feature you'll still have to use data for. Live video streaming will still cost you some of your monthly data allowance, so it may be worth it to open up your laptop or turn on your TV instead.

While consumers may be thrilled with this new deal, the lack of coverage for live streaming on Twitter could actually become a major problem. The company has inked deals to show Wimbledon clips, NBA games, and even a live talk show exclusively available to Twitter. With news of more deals coming out constantly, it seems that Twitter is slowly morphing into a live streaming service. If this feature ends up playing a major role in Twitter's future, Virgin Mobile customers may not actually be getting as great of a deal as they think they are.

Since this will only really become an issue once Twitter develops its live streaming service further, users don't have to worry about it for now. Just enjoy having cost-free and data-free access to Twitter on all Virgin Mobile 4G plans. The company previously rolled out the same promotions for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, so it's a safe — and now confirmed — bet that more apps will get this treatment in the future. Virgin Mobile is planning to give its users more data-free access to social-messaging apps, although it's unknown as of now what apps will be added to the list next.

These deals — and Virgin Mobile's recently announced promotion offering plans for $1 a day — are sure to make even the most frugal smartphone user ecstatic.

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