News: Facebook Messenger Brings 1,500 Diverse Emoji to Its App

Facebook Messenger Brings 1,500 Diverse Emoji to Its App

In an effort to be more inclusive, Facebook will release over 1,500 ethnic and gender diverse emojis for its Messenger app across all platforms on June 2nd, 2016.

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The update includes the usual emoji diversity inclusions, such as skin tone choice for faces and hand gestures, and widened gender roles such as female police officers, surfers, and runners, to name just a few, along with fancier "gender-agnostic" options.

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Beyond the diversity choices themselves, the update will allow you to set a certain skin tone as default so you won't have to select away from yellow every time. Facebook is also trying to streamline the emojis across all platforms, so they will look the same on iOS and Android; and that means you'll dodge those black question mark boxes—finally!

YES--same emojis across all platforms!! Image via Facebook

The emojis will be implemented worldwide on Thursday in the Messenger app.

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These are almost as ugly as Samsung's ones. :(

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