News: Can't Make It to San Diego Comic-Con? Twitter Has Your Back

Can't Make It to San Diego Comic-Con? Twitter Has Your Back

Comic-Con International: San Diego, better known to you and I as "San Diego Comic-Con", is coming very soon; and if you're like me and live far, far away from San Diego (sigh), Twitter is now offering a helpful alternative to keep you in the loop at this year's event.

Twitter announced it's partnership with IGN Entertainment to create a live-streaming platform at San Diego Comic-Con next month. The plan is for them to do 13 hours on the floors from July 19-22, which will be available to watch worldwide.

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This isn't the first time Twitter has partnered with IGN to do something like this. Earlier this month, they partnered to live stream E3, which was a huge success, garnering millions of views. Which is probably why they've chosen to pair up again for this project.

On Comic-Con's opening night, Twitter will begin coverage with 'IGN Live from SDCC', exclusively on the social media app. For the rest of the days, however, the live coverage will also be available to watch on IGN, while still trying to shuffle everyone towards watching on Twitter. It will be hosted by IGN staff members, like the E3 stream with pre and post show commentary

The best part is the amount of cool stuff Twitter is planning on live streaming. They're planning to do interviews with ABC, AMC, DC, Lionsgate, Marvel, Netflix, Starz, and TBS to name a few. So basically network essential to modern pop culture. They will also be premiering some of the exclusive trailers and clips released at SDCC which makes me so happy I could cry. In addition, they're looking to have behind the scenes footage, interviews with actors and producers as well as interviewing some of the best cosplayers at the con.

Twitter is really pushing their live-streaming services now, especially with Facebook Live on the rise. However, covering an event like this could help out their streaming service immensely. So many people are unable to go to SDCC, as much as they want to and I know I'll be sitting down to watch as much of it as I can on Twitter next month.

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