News: The Best Black Friday 2017 Speaker Deals for Your Smartphone

The Best Black Friday 2017 Speaker Deals for Your Smartphone

Speakers today are a marvel for their portability and sound quality. No longer do we need giant boxes to bring down the house — a speaker that can fit in your hand can fill a room with your favorite music. This is even more important when you pair it with your smartphone, and there are lots of smartphone-friendly speakers on sale this Black Friday.

We've rounded up the best deals we could find for the Black Friday shopping holiday below, focusing primarily on the best speakers for your iPhone or Android phone. There are lots of great deals here, and we'll be sure to add more when we find them. Some are actually available right now, while most others will be available on Black Thursday (aka Thanksgiving) or Black Friday weekend.

Option 1: Amazon's Speaker Deals

Amazon, of course, has plenty of deals on its own smart speakers. Oddly, the deals are only for bundled packs, meaning you'll need to buy multiples of the speaker you're interested in, as well as enter the proper code, in order to get the discount. These deals are available right now, unlike most of the other deals from other stores, since Amazon holds Black Friday deals all month on a rotating basis.

If Echo devices aren't quite what you're looking for, Amazon also has plenty of deals on third-party speakers, and we mean plenty. Again, these are all available right now. Some of these deals might disappear shortly, but we'll try to keep this list updated as deals rotate in and out on Amazon's website.

Option 2: Bose's Speaker Deals

It's always nice when the manufacturer sets its own Black Friday prices. Bose has some great Black Friday deals on its speakers, including some not found on Amazon. If you're looking for a discounted, high-quality speaker, Bose might be your spot this Black Friday.

Option 3: Best Buy's Speaker Deals

Best Buy has it all, as far as speakers are concerned. If you're looking for something smarter than your average boom box, Best Buy has deals on both Google Home and Amazon Echo devices, as well as their own Insignia brand of smart speakers.

If you aren't in the market for a smart speaker, no worries — Best Buy has plenty of standard speakers for you to check out. There are good deals on Sony, JBL, Insignia, and JAM portable speakers, among others.

Option 4: Target's Speaker Deals

Target actually carries the same Amazon Echo deals as Best Buy, with the exception of the Amazon Echo Plus. If you have your eyes set on one of those, you'll have to go with Best Buy.

Like Best Buy, Target also carries Google Home devices for the same amount, however, they also will have a sale on the Google Home Mini along with a $10 Target gift card, which gives you more flexibility with your smart speaker purchases.

For more conventional speakers, Target lists deals on JBL, Ultimate Ears, Altec Lansing, and a few more brands. There are plenty of deals to be found here.

Option 5: Costco's Speaker Deals

Costco's speaker selection is a little on the light side, however, that doesn't mean you'll walk away empty-handed. If you're looking for Google Home devices, you should definitely check out Costco. You can get up to three Google Home two-packs for a decent price, so if you know multiple people who want a Google Home this year, Costco might be your best bet.

Option 6: Sears's Speaker Deals

Like Costco, Sears is a little short on speaker supply. However, the retailer is promoting the Altec Lansing Mini Lifejacket 2 Bluetooth speaker for half of its original cost. Target does offer that same deal, however, so you might want to consider Sears only if this store is more convenient for you.

Option 7: Kmart's Speaker Deals

While traditional speakers may be scare in Kmart's Black Friday sale, you can pick up a soundbar if you happen to find yourself in the store. The Samsung soundbar Kmart is promoting is $80 off, and you will receive $20 of in-store cashback credit. If you don't mind the lack of portability, this might not be such a bad deal.

Option 8: NewEgg's Speaker Deals

NewEgg definitely has more headphone options than speakers. However, if you're thinking about finding a good deal on a Klipsch speaker, NewEgg might be the spot for you. You can get $90 off a Klipsch KMC1 speaker or $72 off a Klipsch GiG speaker through NewEgg.

Option 9: Sam's Club's Speaker Deal

Sam's Club is only offering one discounted speaker this Black Friday — the 808 Audio Canz H2O wireless Bluetooth speaker, which comes in packs of two. While it doesn't carry the brand name of Beats or Bose, these things are IP67-rated water resistant, which is pretty neat. Consider Sam's Club if you're looking for a reasonable price for a pair of speakers.

Which store or stores do you think offer the best speaker selection this Black Friday? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll be sure to keep this list updated as we find new deals on speakers you can use with your smartphone.

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