News: Android Maintains Lead in Platform Market, Apple Dominates Device Market

Android Maintains Lead in Platform Market, Apple Dominates Device Market

For the month of April, Android maintained it's edge over Apple's iOS platform, 52.5% versus 41.4%, with Blackberry, Microsoft, and Symbian rounding out the top five (2.5%, 3.3%, and 0.2%, respectively).

Due to the vast number of OEMs that manufacture Android smartphones, Apple does have a solid lead in the device market, with a dominant 41.4% market share, with Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC rounding out the top five (27.7%, 6.5%, 6.3%, and 5.3%, respectively).

The research, compiled by comScore, highlights the fact that despite what you may hear, consumers are holding steady with their platform of choice. And while Samsung has the dominant share of the Android smartphone market, Android's fragmentation means that Apple will remain in that top spot for some time to come, especially with iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 right around the corner.

Keep in mind that these figures represent data for the U.S. market—Android's lead grows quite a bit when you include the world market, where the platform holds a 81.0% share of all smartphones shipped.

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