News: All the Cool Kids Are Going to Instagram, Hanging Snapchat Out to Dry

All the Cool Kids Are Going to Instagram, Hanging Snapchat Out to Dry

Your friends are ditching Snapchat for Instagram.

After the social network turned camera company announced it lost $13.30 per user in its first quarter as a publicly traded company, well, it doesn't look too good for the platform's future, y'all.

According to a new report by Sensor Tower's Store Intelligence data, the number of people downloading Snapchat has fallen 16% within the last month.

Prior to April 2017, there were about 25.2 million Snapchat user installs. Now, both the App Store and Google Play store put the number of installs down to about 21.2 million.

Who's taking those users from Snapchat? Why, Instagram, of course.

Instagram grew almost 19% during the same quarter. Its number of installs also increased from about 26.1 million users to a close 31 million. That's huge.

Not only that, but Snapchat isn't an all of a sudden stranger to knowing what it feels like to lose users. Since early 2016, the company has faced an overall decline in installs. So news of further declines going into 2017 shouldn't come as a shock at all.

If the Snapchat ship is sinking, where else are you going to go beyond IG? Twitter? Facebook? Does anyone even use Facebook Stories right now? The answer is no. Nobody uses Facebook Stories.

What makes Instagram the superior option is that it's the perfect companion app to document your life. From all your glorious drunken binges, to one night stands, to disgustingly delicious burger porn. Get on that. Snapchat takes crummy photos anyway. Trust me, no one prefers to look at a low-res snap of your adorable puppy. They only want the good shit.

If you don't have an IG account — and if you are even remotely social media savvy — you better get on it. And seriously, what's taking you so long? Instagram spent the last year shamelessly copying Snapchat, so at this point, what's the difference between the platforms anyway?

IG is a better app with the same features. As much as we might not like Facebook as a company, their Instagram division knows what it's good at. Meanwhile, over at Snapchat, they're having an identity crisis. Who knows what that means for the user experience there going forward?

Lisa Marie Basile, founding editor of Luna Luna Magazine and prior digital editor at Hearst Digital Media, noted in a Facebook statement, that "EVERYONE" has given up on Snapchat for IG.

Not only Basile, but Zack DeZon, a photographer in New York City, also noted:

Never could get into Snapchat in the first place. Glad I didn't, seeing the direction it's going...

So, Snapchat ...

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