News: PornHub's New App Makes Your Junk Mainstream

PornHub's New App Makes Your Junk Mainstream

Maybe PornHub imagined it was a drag to take a nude that could only be shared between select members of whatever party you party with. After all, in this very selfie-driven world, Instagram and Snapchat don't always take kindly to pictures of people posing ... well, naked.

That's why Corey Price, VP of PornHub — you know, that site that you all secretly pretend never to visit — wanted to capture individuals in all their glory for all the world to see.

Dubbed "TrickPics," and available for free on Android and iOS, the app allows you to censor your bits with an assortment of augmented images of your choosing. So no more forever glazing past that nude hidden in your camera roll. With TrickPics, all you have to do is paste a "Trouser Snake," a "Big Blimpin," or an "Instaclam," on yourself and, darling, you are all set to post to digital heaven.

Marc R., host of a local New York radio station, stated to Gadget Hacks that he would "no/not/never" post a TrickPic to Instagram or Snapchat. Though, Sammy Shayne on Instagram, known as The Canadian Sammy, has already jumped on the TrickPics bandwagon and posted a photo of herself bejeweled with "Knock Knockers" stating how "slightly obsessed" she is with the new app.

TrickPics instantly changes your NSFW picture into a SFW shareable image. As Price noted in a statement to Gadget Hacks, step right up and share your vanity with the world because "fans can now share sexy pics with a twist, in a fun way that evokes their creativity."

The app includes parts-specified images to overlay onto your nudes. "Trouser Snake," "Dick-In-A-Box," "Dixelated," "Magnum," "Hand Solo," "Big Wig," and "D-Moji" graphics can be used to fit over pictures that include a penis.

Image via PornHub

"Big Blimpin," "Mile Highs," "Bigguns," and "Knock Knockers" filters are for images that include nipples. "Instaclam," "Lockdown," "Midnight Snack," and "My Precious" are icons used for images that include a vagina. What a time to be alive, right?

Selfies have become a popular form of self-expression in today's society. They are essentially the self-portrait of the digital age.

— Corey Price in a statement to Gadget Hacks

After you adorn your bits with whatever 3D graphic fits your style, the image will save to your camera roll where you can then share it on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, to your friends and loved ones, or to whomever you want.

Images by TrickPics/Google Play

PornHub is no stranger to marketing its brand to the masses to encourage more mainstream porn acceptance. In April, the site put its logo on snowplows and started clearing the snow-laden streets of Boston and New Jersey. The site also set up "PornHub Cares" in 2015 and awarded $25,000 to women in tech, along with many other good will projects to get the site's name past Google's "SafeSearch" feature.

Now, it looks like the porn giant is aiming to tackle mainstream media where the audience really counts —social media. Soon enough, scrolling through feeds of graphic-overlayed nude selfies may become the new normal, allowing for us all to share our photos provocatively, but acceptably safely.

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Cover image via PornHub/YouTube

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