YSK: You Can Lock Mario Kart Tour in Landscape or Portrait Without Touching Your Phone's Main Rotate Setting

You Can Lock Mario Kart Tour in Landscape or Portrait Without Touching Your Phone's Main Rotate Setting

Nintendo changed Mario Kart Tour for the better with an option to play the game in landscape mode. That said, the game will rotate automatically, which can mess you up in the middle of a heated race. But you don't need to lock your iPhone or Android phone's orientation setting to fix the problem since you can do so within the game itself. That way, other apps will auto-rotate as usual.

While you never had an option before, in the 2.4.0 update for both the iOS and Android version of Mario Kart Tour, you can switch between playing in portrait, which was the only view before, and landscape orientation.

By default, Mario Kart Tour auto-rotates when you reorient your device, which could be annoying if you always want to play in one view or the other. It could be even more annoying whenever you twist your device just enough so that it rotates automatically during gameplay even though you don't want it to happen.

To lock the game's orientation, make your way to the Mario Kart Tour home screen. From there, tap "Menu," then "Settings." You'll find the Race Screen section with three options: Portrait, Portrait/Landscape (the default option), and Landscape. To lock races to the vertical view, tap "Portrait." To lock races to widescreen mode, tap "Landscape." It's that simple.

These settings are also available in the in-game settings menu (tap the cog icon) — just as you see in the regular settings menu — so you can switch between views at any time. Just know that these settings only affect races. The rest of the Mario Kart Tour app always loads in portrait mode.

Landscape locked (top) vs. portrait locked (bottom).

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Cover image and GIFs by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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