How To: Use the MotionX-GPS

Use the MotionX-GPS

Learn how to use a MotionX-GPS including its functions, and how to use other applications such as music and internet while still in this application.

First check to see that you have a blue globe in the upper right hand corner of your iPhone. This globe lets you know you have service. In the event you don't have the blue globe, simply restart your iPhone.

Hold the start button in the application to begin. This application will tell you specific features based on where you are in space, such as speed, distance, and elapsed time. You can also see the different types of visual maps by holding down the caliber icon and sliding your finger to your desired option. Simply press Stop when you are finished recording. Hit Save if you would like to keep this information.

The shortcut menu is on the bottom right hand corner (the two red arrows) and allows quick access of logs, waypoints, status and even a compass. For the compass, simply touch the center button to switch between two options: magnetic compass and GPS compass.

To use Facebook or Twitter, go to your Logbook and select a track and hit "share track now". Turn on Twitter or Facebook sharing and enter your login information. Simply touch share to share your information. You may also share information via email, and attach pictures!

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