How To: Use Infinidock for iPhone & iPod Touch

Use Infinidock for iPhone & iPod Touch

1. This video describes how to use the application Infinidock for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is used to set how many icons to be placed per page, this Infinidock Cracked is doing full document customization like scrolling, adjustable icon amounts and can add as many icons as you want. We can download and install in the phone 2.For using Infinidock first click the "Settings" and select the Infinidock into that you can see the "icons per page" options now you can add the number of icons you want, now we select the 10 icons per page, and then in "Scrolling Enabled" option it is better to keep in "on" mode, that will help you to scroll more number of pages side by side with ease. Now come back to home and doesn't need to refresh after settings changed, now we can start to drag the icons into the "dock" while doing this overlapping will occur with icons and doesn't look clear. If we want to see the icons clear we can change it to 5 icons per page by doing the same process as we done in the above said, just change the icons per page to "5".Now it will change to 5 icons will look clear. This video gives the simple but useful tips about how to Use Infinidock for iPhone & iPod touch without any doubt.

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