How To: Unlock Any Face or World Lens from Someone's Snapchat Story

Unlock Any Face or World Lens from Someone's Snapchat Story

You get a snap from a friend, per usual, but what's this? The lens they're using is actually really cool. Of course, you want to try it out for yourself, but don't bother searching Snapchat's enormous library of lenses to find the AR effect. Instead, there's a simple way to instantly test it out, right from the original snap itself.

First, tap the lens' icon in the bottom right of the snap or story. The icon can blend in pretty well, so you might not have noticed it before. These options will show up whether it's a face or world lens in a still snap, video snap, or story. On older devices, you may need to tap "Try Lens" instead of an icon.

Next, tap on the pop-up context card that appears at the bottom, and Snapchat will launch the augmented reality lens. All that's left to do is use it for yourself and send it along to your story, a friend, or a group chat. Not all lenses can be tried out on the spot like this, but the majority can be.

Compare this method to using Snapchat's Lens Explorer to find the AR filter in question, where you likely wouldn't find the lens in the first place. The explore page is great for checking out trending community filters, but at this time, the search function could use some love.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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