How To: Sync Google apps with your Android cell phone

Sync Google apps with your Android cell phone

If you have any Google applications, like Gmail or Google Calendar, that you want to sync to your new Android enabled mobile phone, it's a simple task to complete. There's nothing hard about it, but if you think you need help, Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to sync Google apps with your Android cell phone.

Dave: "Hi, I'm Dave from Best Buy in Union Square, Manhattan and I'm gonna explain today a little about how the Android phones can sync with all your Google services to really integrate your wireless life and carry it around in your pocket on your phone. First of all' your Gmail, the most popular email service in the world- when you first turn on your Android phone, you're gonna put in your Gmail address and password and then you'll instantly be able to get all your Gmail on your phone. So as it hits your mailbox, bam… you got it. You can read it, you can send, you can edit, you can save files. Your Google calendar will also sync whether you access it on your computer or just in the phone, will be able to connect and keep you updated with all the things going on in your life. Your contacts from your Gmail address book are also going to sync. So whether you have people sorted by their websites, their email address, even their MySpace page, you'll have that information in your pocket. Google will also sync with other services like Facebook, Flickr, and other email accounts, too, so that Google experience you get on your Android phone is seamless and you'll stay connected wherever you go."

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