How To: Stream Pictures from Your Mac or PC Directly to Your iPhone with AirFoto

Stream Pictures from Your Mac or PC Directly to Your iPhone with AirFoto

Syncing photos onto your iPhone using iTunes can be a bit of a hassle. You have to connect the iPhone, create a folder with the pictures you want exported, and wait until it all syncs onto the phone. This is not only time consuming, but annoying with having to do it every time you want to transfer a picture.

AirFoto bypasses much of that mess and allows you to easily stream and download pictures that are on your computer, directly to your iPhone.

The first step is to download AirFoto on your computer. You can click here for Windows or here for Mac. Here's what the application looks like on my Mac:

I've added a couple of folders with the pictures I want to stream onto my phone. Each folder has around five hundred pictures, and you can feel free to add as many folders as needed by clicking on 'Add' at the bottom center of the application.

The next step is to download the same application onto your iPhone, which you can find here. Open the app on your iPhone and select the device you want to search. The folders should appear after selecting the device.

Note: Make sure both devices are on the same device.

From there, you can easily stream through the photographs in the folders. You can even play a slideshow by pressing the play sign at the bottom. It works seamlessly, without any lag.

The best part of the app is that you can save any picture you want. Not only can you save it, but you can also email it and post it directly to Facebook and Twitter. You can also mess around with the settings to change the way the slideshow works or change the way the pictures are shown.

The application sets itself apart from others by being very simple to use. The folder on the computer is updated on the iPhone whenever you add a new picture. You can find the application for free in the iTunes App Store.

Are there any other applications that you know of that work similar, if not better, than this one?

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