SoundCloud 101: Find Out What Music Is Trending Right Now

Find Out What Music Is Trending Right Now

SoundCloud is a really interesting alternative to Spotify and Pandora in that it will never really give you the exact mainstream song that you want. If you're looking for new up-and-coming artists that are making some wonderful alternative remixes to mainstream music, then SoundCloud is the right music streaming app for you.

It's a great chance to set yourself apart from others by showing off some possible really weird but good songs that make you feel like you're living on another planet. Please see this song right here as a reference, if at all curious to what that means.

The downside to SoundCloud is that it doesn't really provide you with full access to mainstream music like Pandora and Spotify do, but instead, the app encourages artists to play off mainstream songs and turn them into remixed versions. So you might not find the exact Lil' Wayne version of "A Milli," but you will find one dope Drezo remix version of it.

It's no surprise that one of the best features about SoundCloud is its ability to bring awesome and unheard of music right to your phone. Yes, you'll also encounter a lot of shitty self-recorded stuff, too, but apps can't be perfect, so getting past that, here's how to find out what is trending on SoundCloud charts right now.

Step 1: Go to SoundCloud Charts

Once you open up your SoundCloud app, you'll see the main interface. From here, tap on the search icon (a magnifying glass) either at the top of the screen (Android) or bottom (iPhone). Next, scroll down until you see SoundCloud charts. You have two options to choose from: "New & hot" or "Top 50." No matter which one you choose, you can quickly switch to the other at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Explore 'New & Hot' & 'Top 50'

The "New & Hot" section updates multiple times a day and shows you tracks that are currently trending on SoundCloud, but focuses more on songs that were uploaded recently. The "Top 50" section updates every day and provides you with the 50 most-played songs in the last week.

"New & Hot" is good to find those up-and-coming songs from within SoundCloud. "Top 50," on the other hand, is a great tool to find what overall users are listening to every week.

Step 3: Explore Charts by Genre

If you want to dive a little deeper into a specific genre of music, you can do that too. From the main search page, select the genre you want under Charts by genre. You can also hit "Browse all genres" to view ones not listed on the search page. After tapping on a genre, you can easily switch between "New & hot" or "Top 50" for that category at the top of the screen.

SoundCloud charts is a great feature that allows you to always be in the loop of what music is currently trending from deep within the app.

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Cover image, screenshots, and .gifs by Bettina Mangiaracina/Gadget Hacks

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