How To: Show Your Instagram Feed on Your Android Home and Lock Screen with GramWidget

Show Your Instagram Feed on Your Android Home and Lock Screen with GramWidget

Even though Instagram has been available to Android users for about 8 months now, there are a scarce amount of widgets out there for it. And by scarce, I actually mean none.

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There was BlinxBox, an Android home screen widget that displayed your Instagram feed, but that app no longer exists. That means there are no Instagram-centric widgets currently available for your Android device, except...

That void has finally been filled with the creation of GramWidget!

GramWidget (free) works for users on Android 2.3 or higher, who can place the widget on their home screen or lock screen and enjoy a high-quality photostream straight from their Instagram feed.

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The re-sizable widget allows users to customize the content that shows on the widget: popular Instagram photos, images of people they follow, or pictures from selected users/tags. You can also set a specific time to update content and create a custom transition delay between photos.

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To activate the app, swipe towards the left side on the lock screen, tap the + button, select GramWidget, customize the settings and then you're all set!

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