How To: Share Songs, Artists, Albums, Videos & Playlists from Tidal to Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories

Share Songs, Artists, Albums, Videos & Playlists from Tidal to Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories

In Tidal, you could always share a link to your favorite playlist, song, artist, album, or video via a text message, email, or social media post. But if you wanted to share to Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories, you were out of luck. That all changes with Tidal's new sharing features on Android and iOS.

By sharing a playlist, song, artist, album, or video to Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories, your friends and followers will see what you're listening to right then and there. Not only that, but music you recommend, and followers will be able to see your overall music tastes over time. Users can then reply and send messages or reactions as they could with any story you post.

If you don't have Tidal yet, you can install it from either the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Tidal is a subscription service without a free version, so you will have to sign up for a monthly price. Plans start at $9.99 for standard audio, although you can upgrade to the premium plan for better quality sound. If you haven't already joined, you can use the standard 30-day free trial before committing to a paid plan.

You will also need Facebook or Instagram installed on your phone if it isn't there already. The Tidal feature uses those apps to share your music, so you'll need to have one or both installed and be logged in to your accounts.

Option 1: Share Your Playlists to Stories

To share one of your playlists, head to the My Collection tab in the bottom navigation bar. Choose "Playlists," then select the horizontal or vertical ellipsis (•••) to the right of the playlist in the list view. You can also tap on the playlist itself, then hit the ellipsis icon in the top right of the playlist view.

The ellipsis on iOS (top) and Android (bottom).

Choose "Share" from the options, then select either "Facebook Stories" or "Instagram Stories." You will be redirected to the corresponding app where you can post a still image of your playlist.

Option 2: Share Songs, Albums, Artists & Videos

Sharing isn't limited to only playlists. Tidal also lets you share songs, albums, artists, and videos found on its service. To share something, find the song, album, artist, or video you wish to share, then select the horizontal or vertical ellipsis (•••) icon to open the options. You can find the ellipsis in the Now Playing screen, in the album view, and in other locations.

Next, choose "Share," and select either "Facebook Stories" or "Instagram Stories" from the list. For songs, albums, and artists, Tidal will share a still image of the corresponding content. However, for videos, a 15-second preview is posted on Instagram Stories, allowing your friends and followers a snippet of the content you're enjoying. However, Facebook Stories will only show a still image for a video.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks


I haven't noticed that. Useful tip. Thanks. BTW Is there any tip to download Tidal music for offline playing? I have found many tools like Tidal converters. But I am not sure if they are workable or not.

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