How To: Run Windows 7 on a Nokia n900 Smartphone

Run Windows 7 on a Nokia n900 Smartphone

Having access to your computer from your cell phone is an extremely useful feature. Whether you need to edit documents or send files that are on your home desktop, or you simply want to watch movies you have saved on your computer, access is key.

Kind of makes you wish you could just install your computer's OS on your phone, right? You may not be able to actually install a massive system file like Windows 7 on your phone, but there are a few ways in which you can access system files and/or stream videos from your computer to your Nokia n900.

VNC Viewer

Virtual Network Computing, or VNC, allows a user to see and control a computer from multiple locations on another device. You must install a VNC program onto the computer you want to remotely access, and then install a VNC viewer onto your phone.

A server continuously monitors inputs and outputs from one computer, and transmits them to the second location (your phone). VNC is used by IT workers because it allows multiple people to view a session, so both the customer and the technician have access to the computer at the same time, all via the internet.

VNC programs used to be PC-based only, but have since been made compatible with smartphones for even more convenience. The VNC connection is completely over the internet, so you can use it anywhere, and there is no need for both devices to be on the same network. In order to keep this connection secure, it's password protected. Here are some suggested VNC programs:

Check out the video to see a Nokia n900 running Windows 7 through a VNC viewer.


So, what's the difference between a Remote Desktop application and a VNC program? For starters, Remote Desktop comes included with your purchase of Windows Professional, Business, or Ultimate (Home Edition users are SOL). Remote Desktop is actually more efficient and more powerful, bringing the user true access to computer files and programs.

Unlike the VNC viewer, which basically mirrors actions you make from one device to the other and can be pretty taxing on your computer, Rdesktop is more aware of the system properties since it is baked into Windows and transfers information more efficiently. More information on how it works is available on the Microsoft website.

Setting up is pretty simple as well.

  1. Click "My Computer"
  2. Properties
  3. Remote
  4. "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer"
  5. OK

Once this is done, you can go into the start menu and find Remote Desktop in the Accessories folder. Open it up and follow the prompts. For more help installing Remote Desktop on a Nokia n900, follow these instructions.

Windows 7 Media Center (Streaming)

And for those of you who just want access to your videos, music, and pictures, there is a much easier route to take. Windows Media Center allows for streaming media across multiple devices. The devices must be on the network, but the Nokia n900 will recognize your Media Player and allow you to stream videos directly on your phone. Most files will play easily, but WMA files may be a bit of a problem.

Know of any other great programs that allow remote access to Windows 7 from a Nokia phone? Let us know in the comments.

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i want to setup windows 7 in my nokia n900 plz help me..

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