How To: Root and Flash Omega ROM onto Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Root and Flash Omega ROM onto Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The new Samsung Galaxy Note II is a powerful and sleek device that begs for some customization, and there's no better way to customize your Android device than installing a custom ROM of your choice. One of your choices is the Omega ROM, which is just one of many that you can download and flash to your Galaxy Note 2.

Before you begin, you'll need to root your Galaxy Note 2 and install Odin and CWM Recovery. You can get a toolkit of everything you need over at XDA Developers. Then follow the video below.

Next, make sure to download the Omega ROM, which you can also snag over at XDA Developers. To flash Omega to your Galaxy Note 2, watch the following video.

If you want the Glass Theme too (shown in the video walkthrough above), then you can get that here.

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