How To: Recover a deleted SMS & text messages

Recover a deleted SMS & text messages

Accidentally deleted your address book? Got some sneaking suspicions you want to clear up? Got something to hide - permanently? In this video you'll learn what hardware and software you need and how to use it to recover deleted text messages, or, conversely, how to delete data permanently from your SIM card. Don't worry - we won't judge.

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would it work on a blackberry bold

I'm off to get me that software right now!

I have to recover text messages and deleted voice mail ASAP. The time frame would be from May 30 through June 19, 2010. I have never downloaded songs to this phone. I have an IPhone 3G, Version 3.1.2 (7D11), Model MC135LL, Serial Number 870026263NP, Network AT&T, Carrier AT&T 5.5, Capacity 14.3 GB, Available 13.2 GB.

I need to recover some deleted text messages from galaxy S3 Verizon phone can anyone help??? I feel like I'm going in circles here!

can you do this if the phone doesnt use sim card ?

is there any trully free software to recover text messages from a cricket capture II cell phone no sims card? Can anyone help?

I have a blackberry 9360,,can I recover deleted text messages??

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