How To: Put an unresponsive iPhone into DFU mode

Put an unresponsive iPhone into DFU mode

iPhone not booting up? This video shows how to recover your iPhone if it is unresponsive or even getting ready to Jailbreak it, by putting it into DFU Mode. DFU, device firmware upgrade, mode bypasses the current OS and allows you to upgrade or downgrade. Watch this video cell phone repair tutorial and learn how to restore a crashed iPhone by putting it into DFU mode.

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im havin iphone with i installed firmware changer in my iphone and changed firmware 2.0 into 1.13 something after changing i restarted the phone then there was apple icon appearing after that some text came on going down very fast and then stops plz plz plz any 1 help me

becuz the iphone is not mine i just borrowed it from friend just to use

plz plz!!!!!! help me


well done! this just helped us out a lot

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